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Cable Management Box – Who Needs One?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We all have cables running between our equipment such as monitors, laptops, desktops and more. An optimized cable management avoids the dangers and eyesore of cable cluttering taking off the edge just a bit from an already stressful day.

Arranged and tidy environment is known to promote efficient thinking and is essential for maintaining your good cheer at your home and work.

Anybody can easily find two different kinds of environments - one with every single cable named, arranged, and perfectly categorized, and the second one - unorganized, where every single cable lies at scattered locations looking like a snake pit.

Arranged and tidy environment is known to promote efficient thinking and is essential for maintaining your good cheer at your home and work.

Just like its name suggests: A Cable management box is a box to manage your cables...

The cable box will help you to remove any unwanted clutter and distraction from either your work area, under your desk, or home media and create a better stress-free environment. The box can be kept by the side of the computer, hidden under desks or next to the TV.

The box tucks dangerous cords, plugs, power strips and wires away from your pets or children. It stores your cables safe, hidden, secure, and your environment clutter-free. Moreover, the upper lid of this box can be used as a tray to lay your small gadgets or smartphones and serve as a charging dock.

What to Make Sure Of?

Make sure the boxes are build using high-density fire-retardant plastic, a good built will assure impact-resistance, protection and durability. It should fit long and wide surge protectors while having an extra space for adapters and cord slack.

A good add on to a cable management box are cable clips that can provide easy access to the cables in any sort of required position. To that you can add cable ties and a cable sleeve that will keep all hanging cables bundled together and will further avoid any sort of scattering or cluttering all over.

Check out Cabaley’s line of Cable Management Box Sets, the modern and simplistic design of our boxes is aesthetically pleasing and can blend with any wall color. The boxes are compatible with both wide, long, and high surge protectors and can fit most of the standard six to twelve power outlet strips.


With Cabaley you can buy with confidence, all the Cable Management Box Sets, are sold through Amazon and backed up by Amazon Fulfilment services giving you complete peace of mind.

As a growing brand we will always look to continuously improve our products line. Reviews and feedbacks are deeply looked into and genuinely considered.

In case you want to know more about our products or offerings or if you have any problems with our product you can contact us here.

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